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Learning a new language requires acquiring many new skills in pronunciation and grammar as well as learning a whole new set of words and phrases. Gaining a wide vocabulary in your chosen language makes it much easier to practice the language - reading, writing, listening and talking all become easier when you have the words to express yourself. Dolearn is a spaced repetition flashcard app specifically designed to assist in learning vocabulary for another language.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is a well established learning technique that introduces new words every day as well as testing for older words. As words are learned the gap between tests increases, allowing the learner to focus on the newer words.

How it works

Words are entered onto cards. One side has some text (a word or phrase) in the language you are learning, while the other side has a translation. In addition to the text / translation it's also possible to add an example usage and the translation of the example.

Entering Words

Words can be added one at a time in the app, or uploaded from a CSV file. The app is available now on-line, on Android, and Linux. A Windows version will be available in the future.
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