Darting Owl

Darting Owl is an independent software developer making smart, focused applications that make life a little easier.

DO Expenses

DO Expenses helps you keep track of business expenses using your phone. Capture expenses, take pictures of receipts, attach PDFs and export as a ZIP file for filing. Why use DO Expenses?
  • ORGANISE: No more paper receipts floating around in bags - capture them all in your phone using the camera
  • SMART: Automatically suggests previously used expense details for repetitive expenses
  • MILEAGE: Capture your mileage records side-by-side with receipt based expenses
  • MULTI-CURRENCY: Automatically detects the local currency based on mobile network
  • SIMPLE: Export your expenses as ZIP file with spreadsheet (CSV) and attached images
  • TRACK: Place your expenses into claims and track their lifecycle
  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL: A subscription is required for cloud backups, all other functionality is FREE!
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DO Learn

Dolearn is a spaced repetition flashcard app specifically designed to assist in learning vocabulary for another language.

DO Mind

DO Mind is a free mind mapping application for desktop and web A Mind Map is a diagram for capturing thoughts as they happen and then later structuring them. Written in Flutter and relased as a web application, DO Mind runs entirely on your machine and is free to use!